Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Penang Trip with le Ohana

went on a ipoh and penang trip last month with me familia. its been a long time since we went penang island itself. so yah, excited mighted.

 waiting to go up penang hill
 one of the famous wall painting
 shan lun cheeee

 sunny day! 
 with sissy and le boyfie :) 
my happy mappy familia 

you know you love me,
coz i relly relly do,
stil do, always will,
forever and ever,

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Beginning of a wonderful May ;)


1. people come people go. but life still goes on.. chilling out at black bull with colleagues!

Black Bull at Avenue K
 with the pretties! 
 they just gotta kiss me:p 
 girl power!

2. took KTM with my family of bears for the first time! awesome much! - 3-MAY-2014
 my new converse! :)
 love their shirts from UNIQLO
 selfies with le familia
 left: sistas!   right: couldn't resist a picture with the PURPLE luggage

3. EASTER Play- 3 May 2014
 look at the dslr babies!! :)
me and tong! 
with the youth ministry media heads! 
coz this is what we love to do. to capture moments of life. to appreciate every snapshot. its been a pleasure coming back to work with u guys! :)

4. a walk in the Desa Park City with me mama bear :D
 kick back and relax! 
 mama bear conquered her fear of sitting on a swing! 
 what?! mama bear climbing up?? xD 
i wanna slide down! xD 

you know you love me,
coz i relly relly do,
stil do, always will,
forever and ever,

Monday, April 21, 2014

updates on my weekends?

hello there its me again. heres a recap of what i did for the pass 2 weekends.

1. 12/4/2013 (sat)- tea time catch up session with my 2 besties!

 before that, a selfie! 
 for the love of coffee~
us :) 

2. 12/4/2014 (sat) - my cousie nikki's wedding dinner! 

 congrats nikki! 
 the beautiful bride and her mama :) 

3. 13/4/2014 (sun)- dinner and prayer session for popo at aunt's place 

all home cook food! salivating! 
presenting: (from left) my malaysian sister, my australian cousin, and my switzerland cousin. 
glory and praise to our father in heaven for bringing us all back together. thank you jesus! so thankful to be part of this family! :D 

4. 19/4/2014 (Sat) - Dinner at Silver Spoon 

this instantly plastered and smile on my face!
 sis and the birthday boy! 
me n love 
 the food of the night 
after dinner, saturday evening easter mass. Despite the nerves and butterflies in our stomach, me and sista dearest sang (cantered) our hearts out in front of JESUS! praise and thanks be to our father above! amen! :)

5. 20/4/2014 (Sun) - Relaxing Sunday
 breakkie in coffee bean with sis and me boy :)

thank you Jesus. for sending this boy to take care of me. :) 

he laughs with me, he go all craze with me, he go all drama queen with me, he makes funny faces with me. he spends time with me, he takes care of me, he watch out for me, he encourages me to live my dreams, he motivates me, he gets so patient with me, he worries for me, he wipes away my tears, he kisses me on the forehead and tells me that everything is gonna be alright. he was there thru my worst moments, while i cried and cried and whine and tine and said that life wasn't fair. thank you. thank you. thank you. 

short sketch to end my awesome weekend. 

you know you love me,
coz i relly relly do,
stil do, always will,
forever and ever,

Saturday, April 12, 2014

an awesome kickstart to my weekend :)

its the weekends again! YAY! awesome homemade engelish breakkie made by my awesome-self plus the awesomeful coffee made by sista dearest! sorry mama bear, you missed out!! :p

wonderous breakkie to kick start an awesome saturday! 

after breakie, time for some sketching! while watching "我是歌手“, some singing competition which is a hit right now in china. wooots~
time to get my hand dirty once again, doing what i love. 

feeling awesome :) Happy Weekends peeps! :D

you know you love me,
coz i relly relly do,
stil do, always will,
forever and ever,